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Creative Design Services:

At Kailash Media we share ideas through compelling visuals and images. Creative design process adds more expression and value to the overall process as well as makes you distinguished in your circle of peers and competitors. Our creative designers are highly skilled in putting ideas or words into designs which are independent of media and highly responsive. A high impact design solution is not everyone forte, but it is our USP.

Content Writing:

Visual communication is incomplete without content. A structured and curated content will go beyond your vision and fetch the desired result. But an unrelated content will fail as fast as possible. We provide content for online as well as offline use and which can be used in different ways such as web, whitepaper, brochures, books, ebooks, newsletters, press releases, materials for marketing, etc.

Art and Illustration Services:

Sometimes an image is not at all sufficient to convey the message. There we need help of arts and illustrations which are very innovative as well as communicative. Also arts and illustrations have the advantage of being custom made to your requirements. Color, size and type are customized and illustrations are made from scratch according to your requirement. The result is vibrant, dynamic and conveys the information properly. Our innovative design team provides solutions to universities, publishers, design companies, advertising organizations, entertainment industry and corporate houses, etc.

Cover Design:

Cover design process is highly significant as it determines the quality of the content inside. Also it has to be elegant, effective and must have the ability to attract attention so as to prove its worth. We design covers for both print and digital media. With more than 10 years of experience, we have proven ourselves asa leading organization for cover design service. We provide cover design service to large publishing companies, music industry, news paper publishers, magazine publishers, business houses as well as independent authors throughout the world.

Artwork Services:

Artwork is very essential and critical body part of other print or digital services. Our creative designers possess broad knowledge of this segment and also software used for this purpose.We have the ability to convert rough arts, layouts and scribbles into quality artwork with higher efficiency. We have the necessary tools and infrastructure to produce artwork according to your need and scalability is our top priority. We provide service to various industries i.e. publishing industry, marketing and advertizing industry, communication division of large organizations, pre-press and printing organizations.

Video editing/annotation/caption Services:

Videos are the most effective and efficient way to communicate and most used medium also. Videos havethe highest consumption rate across all means of communication. Creating videos for different needs are a necessary part for all other means to communicate. We are into video editing, video annotation and video caption service to make the whole cumbersome process simpler. Be it Quad High Definition or High Definition or Standard Definition, we possess the skills and tools required for smoother execution of projects we undertake. We provide these technical services to diverse sectors and needs and our clients are present across borders. Corporate Videos, Training/eLearning Videos, Testimonial Videos, Commercials, Event Videos, TV Shows, Documentaries, Short Movies, Educational Videos, Corporate Presentations for Online Use, YouTube or other online platformvideos, etc. are some areas we have proven our expertise.

Audio editing/annotation Services:

In tandem to complete video services, we provide complete package in audio. We provide language independent service with cutting edge tools and software. We undertake audio editing and annotation services. Be it various formats or up to 7.1 channels true audio we have placed ourselves in the frontline in this segment. We have served different organization belonging to diverse stream of businesses which are present in different continents. We do editing services like cut, copy, paste, etc. as well as enhancements like normalizing, echoing, sample rate conversion, amplifying, reverbing, equalizing, etc.

2D/3D Animation Services:

Animation is one of the most creative and competent method to deliver information or to communicate with others. We provide 2D, 3D, and Flash animation services for different requirements. We specialize in storyboards, animatics for product demos, logos, illustrations, portraits, banners, viral videos, etc. With ability to create compelling animations for websites, presentations, movies, demo, games, etc. we assure very high quality services for you apart from complete security and strict adherence to deadlines.

Graphic Design Services:

The term graphic design service corresponds to a very large segment which is difficult to limit in words. Having served for more than 10 years, we are able to call ourselves proficient in complete graphic design services. This service requires very high level of creativity, perfection and analytical skills as well as knowledge of tools used. We have served diverse business houses and organizations irrespective of the media they use and results have proven to be turning points or milestones for them. We provide all types of graphic design service like logo, website, animated logo, banner, brochure, flyer, business card, label, print and stationary, etc.

Image Editing/Enhancement:

Image editing tools are limitless in number but techniques used are very uncommon across organizations and results speak for themselves when techniques used in process areof very high quality. Basic processes include facial retouching, black and white to color conversion, background enhancement, adjusting color/density, etc. and complex process include background insertion/removal, color cast correction, image cropping, removing blemishes, etc. We have established ourselves as one of the leading organization in this segment. We cater to needs of various clients from diverse background and still we have appetite for more.

Flash Animation:

Flash is used seamlessly for logos, websites, introductions for websites, animation with sound and special effects, corporate presentations, banners, product demos, etc. These animations are optimized for different environments according to the requirements. Flawless animation and high quality graphics in reduced size is our mantra for success. As the competition is increasing in the digital world, this animation tool is probably the most effective technique to grab attention and it is also most popular designing tool to help stand out in the crowd.

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