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E-learning Services:

We offer a full suite of e-Learning outcomes, going from custom development to programming in stages for learning & talent management.

We specialize in developing low cost, yet highly effective and engaging, online coursewareand custom content. Through our specialty in instructional design and multimedia production, we create brand new e-Learning content for you or re-purpose/optimize your existing content for different types of media or with enhanced animation or effects to suite all types of requirement.

After implementing single point design and multi point consumption strategy into creative design process, our clients have achieved significant value addition in terms of time & resources and many level of rework is eliminated as solutions are reused and no redesigning steps are involved once a process is completed.

Our strategy to develop content is designed to improve the value point for our customers that are, to help you accomplish a more powerful and captivating web learning knowledge, at a reduced cost, by utilizing:

  • Advanced instructional design principles with emphasis on multipoint delivery.
  • Intelligent course structure with adaptive behavior capabilities which is required to bring all the learners to an equal platform/level.
  • Innovative content development processes

We execute the client’s project from scratch to completion with very high level of accuracy and efficiency while keeping the cost under control. We have proved ourselves as one of the most reliable source of content development and over the last ten years we have executed a wide variety of solutions with clients in diverse industries such as financial, manufacturing, education, retail, pharmaceutical, restaurants, transport, petroleum, IT and ITES, legal, property management,consumer goods, safety, education, etc.

We stress on strategies and prepare PowerPoints, Facilitator Guides, Style Guide, and Learners Guides. PowerPoints are for display only purpose. We have skilled subject matter experts, who are versed with different knowledge and execute projects which are of global standards.The most common process we adopt in eLearning is ARCS (Attention, Relevance, Confidence, and Satisfaction) method which ensures that the learning objective is fulfilled to the highest level possible.

We prepare all kinds of training materials i.e. HR training, product training, healthcare training, safety training, management training, inductiontraining, self-improvement training, etc. We prepare eLearning courseware for different approaches such as; synchronous, asynchronous, linier and collaborative learning. In today’s Classroom 2.0 or eLearning 2.0 world, we provide solutions which are compatible with older ideologies as well as modern technologies.

Content is the key in all the learning methods. We use facts, concepts, processes, procedures and strategic principles in our solution to bring out the best learning outcome.Also ADDIE (analysis, design, develop, implement, and evaluate) and SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) like standards and specifications are implemented according to the requirement of the projects. We also give special stress on Instruction Led Training (ILT). Instructional strategies like one way explanations, interactive sessions, demonstrations and activities are seamlessly integrated for the best output possible. From pre-school to higher education and for corporates and professionals, we have served some of the most complex teachings in most effective and efficient way to put ourselves as a leader in eLearning segement.

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