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Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Our handpicked talents have immense knowledge and capacity to execute large scale projects. We have exploited opportunities to increase efficiency to highest level possible and delivered unmatched solutions. We provide a wide range of engineering designs i.e. cad conversion service, 2D drafting service, 3d modeling & rendering services as well as product animation services, reverse engineering services, AutoCAD conversion. We also provide solutions like technical documentation, automation, process planning and CAD automation.I serve projects belonging to automotive, aerospace and aviation, transportation and logistics, marine and shipping, etc.

CAD/ AutoCAD Conversion Services:

Collaboration and portability is the mantra for today’s fast moving world. Paper is now nearly old age. Also paper is not environment friendly as well as resource hungry. To overcome this kind of tricky situation we provide CAD conversion services. Communication of technical data or blueprint is very essential. On paper its tedious, time consuming, resource consuming and prone to loss of data. We undertake digitization, raster to vector conversion, and format conversion of all paper based technical data and blueprints. Our expert team of engineers can produce multilayered and accurate output independent of size and format.

2D Drafting Services:

Mechanical drawing is the first step of all industrial designing process. It is the most important step and it determines outcomes of all other steps. Putting a concept on paper, getting tolerance information, associate notes, geometric dimensioning, bill of material and annotations or getting the result of configuration changes and managing design through parametric modeling; 2D drafting service solves all these problems. Sometime conversion of 3D formats to 2D conversion is also required. Drawings must be easy to archive, search, readily editable, modify and reproduced. Also they must be able to integrate with assemblies and parts, should lend flexibility and must ramp up the entire CAD design process. Our expert tem of engineers provide seamless drafting service and capable to deliver most complex project also.

3D Modeling & Rendering Services:

3D visualization and rendering is one of the most important and tricky part but must important to predict the results too. It opens a world of design which is otherwise difficult to access. 3D modeling is the technical art of producing a mathematical and wireframe representation of any three dimensional object. Whenever the objects are used as an image using a process called 3D rendering it is called computer simulation.Both the processes are necessary to determine various factors necessary for successful completion of a project. It helps in communicating ideas most effectively. We have a specialist team of engineers who are handling the 3D portion independent of size and complexity.

3D Product Animation Services:

Our experts produce more than realistic 3D animation and illustration of various machines, components, mechanical parts. It helps in simulation and visualization of all the products or concepts before a prototype is produced. It helps in showcasing functionality and emphasizing the usefulness of a particular aspect. It helps in easy checking of a product against geometry, wireframe, kinematics and quick test of designs against specification and design rules. It helps in deciding on the final output before the work even started. We have worked on some of the most complex product animation projects and derived exceptional results.

Civil Engineering:

Civil Engineering is vastly used service used in planning, design, construction of residential as well as commercial infrastructures, transportation infrastructures, environmental infrastructures, industrial infrastructures, construction engineering, construction management and a lot more. With the rise of population and economies throughout the world, there is a heavy demand for efficient and cost effective civil engineering practices in order to meet the increasing need within budget and time. We provide a balanced blend of civil engineering solutions with allied services to meet the requirements by our clients.

Paper to CAD Conversion Services:

CAD is widely used across industries in place of conventional drawing methods, but some circumstances demand paper based drawings. Deadlines and budget have a major effect on organizations to continue with paper till now. Paper drawings are cumbersome to produce as well as it needs highly skilled draftsman. And we cannot forget the risks associated with paper getting damaged or lost. Through the conversion we minimize data loss by nearly 100% and digital images are less prone to sabotage and damage. With decrease in storage space and risk associated with paper, this also increases portability and efficiency.

Construction Drawing Services:

Construction drawing and general arrangement drawing are two most critical part. Presentation drawings like layout and contour mappings, master plan drawings, product drawings, section drawings are done by our expert engineers. General arrangement drawing can be 3D view, isometric which gives a crystal clear and unambiguous view of complex areas as well as it looks impressive. We have a absolute understanding method with clients, which helped us comprehend requirements of our customers accurately. We are able to deliver complex projects and solutions without the constant monitoring of our problems.

Land Development Design Services:

We have the best talent for landscape development services for the increasing demand of the industry. We have constantly met the demands and needs of contractors, survey firms, land owners, real estate companies, and land developers. We are a pioneer organization in creating great quality, aesthetic, environment friendly, usability conscious landscape development designs. We have a lot of international exposure and customized our services to match the quality to international standards. To develop land development designs, we adhere to the local regulations and requirements.

Construction Cost Estimation Services:

In the long run construction cost estimation service helps you project the proper cost of a project and helps a lot in savings. Lost contracts and cost overruns can be avoided if construction cost estimation is correct. There are many pure software solutions which provide this service. But our expertise and emphasis is on providing a solution which will meet your business requirements. We analyze and compile data of all the possible factors which may influence cost such as labor, location, materials and machinery. We also analyze per unit labor hours necessary and advice check points to reduce time and labor.

MEP Design & Drafting Services:

Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing engineering is one of the most critical part of Civil Engineering. Accurate design is very crucial here. MEP design and drafting services are heavy in terms of time consumed as well as high level of skills are used here. We have a balance blend of talent and infrastructure. We serve our clients with very high level of accuracy in spite of very low turnaround time. We provide services in MEP drafting, drawing, design and detailing of renovations, new constructions and upgradetion to existing equipments.

HVAC Services:

HVAC (heating, ventilating, and air conditioning) is widely available and most commonly outsourced services. Low cost might be the sole reason to outsource, there are many factors which influence this service such as project execution, expertise, availability of talent as well as communication. Business dynamics of client and thorough understanding of requirement is very essential for proper execution of projects. We undertake residential as well as commercial HVAC services. Green projects and environmental awareness is the in-thing for today. Increasing energy costs, rising carbon emissions are threat to our future generations, for which builders are adopting energy efficient practices.

Electrical Engineering:

Electricity, electronics, electromagnetism and its application is very essential in today’s world. In depth knowledge as well as successful execution makes us different from others. We provide electrical engineering service with adherence to industry standards, ethical responsibility, superior quality, consistency. We have been providing electrical engineering solutions to diverse industry segments with highest stress on aesthetics and presentations.

Electrical Instrumentation Services:

We provide one stop solutions including design, analysis, planning, engineering, procurement, installation, testing, commissioning and ongoing maintenance. Delivering high quality, safe, professional and versatile service has helped us putting a benchmark for other outsourcing service providers to follow. We provide E&I Skid Installations, project installations, HV/MV power installation, process instrument calibration, test instrument calibration, technical procurement, material procurement, test reports, consultation and project reports, detailed cost implication reports, instrumentation and control, optimum design suggestions, electrical inspection, all kinds of lighting systems and communication systems.

Electrical Design & Layout Services:

Technological advancements happening every day and we need to adopt changes into the design process also. So companies started producing all their products from scratch. Product life cycle is getting shorter whereas complexity is getting higher by multiples very fast. To save resources and still achieve high quality services delivered, outsourcing projects to our expert engineers is the way to go. We provide end to end design and layout services while following international industry standards as well as certifications. We have zero tolerance towards noncompliance.


Printed circuit board is the most basic but most critical part of any electrical product or machinery. We follow a highly efficient and quality driven pcb design and layout service methodology. We do design, layout and prototyping. We keep ourselves updated and use the most advanced trends and technologies to execute our projects. We also develop pcb designs which can be used to produce electronic appliances used for domestic, industrial as well as commercial use i.e. cell phones, computers, printers, televisions, amplifiers, stereos, synthesizers, digital clocks and so on.

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