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Publishing Design

Kailash Media provides specialized offering in digital content services to electronic publishers, content publishers, database providers, and information aggregators. We do this in a seamless manner, by adopting best-in-class technology and business practices, which ensures that it is business as usual for you.

Art & Illustration Services:

Sometimes an image is not at all sufficient to convey the message. There we need help of arts and illustrations which are very innovative as well as communicative. Also arts and illustrations have the advantage of being custom made to your requirements. Color, size and type are customized and illustrations are made from scratch according to your requirement. The result is vibrant, dynamic and conveys the information properly. Our innovative design team provides solutions to universities, publishers, design companies, advertising organizations, entertainment industry and corporate houses, etc.

Content Writing Services:

Visual communication is incomplete without content. A structured and curated content will go beyond your vision and fetch the desired result. But an unrelated content will fail as fast as possible. We provide content for online as well as offline use and which can be used in different ways such as web, whitepaper, brochures, books, ebooks, newsletters, press releases, marketing materials, etc.

Cover design Services:

Cover design process is highly significant as it determines the quality of the content inside. Also it has to be elegant, effective and must have the ability to attract attention so as to prove its worth. We design covers for both print and digital media. With more than 10 years of experience, we have proven ourselves as a leading organization for cover design service. We provide cover design service to large publishing companies, music industry, news paper publishers, magazine publishers, business houses as well as independent authors throughout the world.

Page Layout Design Services:

Layout design is one of the most critical parts of publishing design. This determines the readability and later on the success of the product. Clients have benefited by our level of perfection and quality with execution ability. Be it print media or digital, page layout is the most important element after content. If content is at its top level, only page layout determines the level of success it will get. With best talents in place and more than ten years of experience in this industry, we provide best in class service for page layout design with highest level of success rate.

Editorial Services:

Words and its placement in sentences change the overall meaning which must be taken care of. Textual illusiveness and grammatical errors are difficult to find in own writing. Sometimes our creations get infected with our own flawed sentence formation and other similar grave errors. To overcome this we provide editorial services with some of the best and highly talented editors who have extensive experience in content and publishing industry. We give highest level of perfection, excellence and precision for all type content, i.e. print and digital. We give perfect shape to an idea and make the communication process simpler.

Production Services:

Production service is the most critical part in the entire publishing service taken altogether. Whereas prepress production gets least amount of attention, it also causes most of the critical failures which results in increase in terms of cost, turnaround time and resource utilization. With very high success ratio and very long exposure to this service, we have the necessary ingredients to execute very complex processes with least possible errors. The skills required for this service is rare to find. We have the ability to take prepress process from beginning to the end.

eLearning Services:

We offer a full suite of ELearning outcomes, going from custom development to programming in stages for learning & talent management. We specialize in developing low cost, yet highly engaging and effective, custom content and online courseware. Through our specialty in instructional design and multimedia production, we create brand new ELearning content for you or re-purpose your existing content. We execute the client’s project from scratch to completion with very high level of accuracy and efficiency while keeping the cost under control. We have proved ourselves as one of the most reliable source of content development and over the last ten years we have executed a wide variety of solutions with eminent clients from diverse industries such as financial, manufacturing, education, retail, pharmaceutical, restaurants, etc.

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